Introducing Pat Roberson as the River Rambler
Wednesday, February 13, 2019 at 4:15PM
Michael Boring

With the change of seasons so it is time for another change in life.It is high time that the river rambler comes back. Thanks to Boring’s Ginseng Roots and Herbs it again is possible to take back to writing about the great outdoors and life in general. 

Maybe things of changed over the years. Most of which is centered around family and career.  I have left the medical field and obtained my CDL for driving big rigs and now enjoy traveling for a living. This in itself is a process of a dream Carolyn and I had years ago to travel and see America. 

She hasn’t traveled out of state with me yet but in coming years this will become a reality if all goes well. So far I have been in 44 of the lower 48 states and still lack seeing the upper north east states. 

Family also has changed a lot over the years. Dad and my mother in law, Uncle Sam and Aunt Annie have passed on to their reward. Mom still doing fair but better than most who are in their nineties.  Thomas drove team truck with me for a while but after meeting Autumn who is now my daughter in law, and having a daughter of his own, he now works in the chicken industry at home. Of course Heidi his daughter is the light of our lives and there is zero chance we will not spoil her!  

Sarah is completing her masters degree, specializing in occupational therapy and is set to graduate from Milligan College in December.   

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