Ginseng Seeds

Sold Out until next year.  

$160.00 per pound

$100.00 per 1/2 pound

We are currently taking orders.  

Due to shortage of seed, only

5 pounds per customer.

Go to "contact us " page and submit order. 

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Boring Roots and Herbs is a Certified Tennessee and Kentucky Ginseng Dealer as well as a purchaser of other botanicals.  Contact us for all your ginseng needs.  We supply fresh and dry ginseng.



The family business, Ernest Boring Roots and Herbs was founded over 40 years ago.  After collecting ginseng for several years to help support his family, Ernest and Carolyn Boring decided to start their own business.  In addition to helping raise their 4 children, Carolyn did all the bookwork for the business.  Their dedication helped build the business considerably over the years and now supplies companies throughout the United States and worldwide.  Ernest and Carolyn retired from the business in 2005.  Their son Michael now operates the business today as Boring Roots and Herbs.  Ernest and Carolyn’s values of honesty and hard work continue on today by the family and staff.